Annual Membership Fee: Rs. 600/- per year | Long Term Membership Fee: Rs. 2100/- for 5 years

Benefits of Regular Membership

  • Membership to a national sports association (AIR), with affiliation to an international organisation, Audax Club Parisien (ACP) and Les Randonneurs Mondiaux (LRM)
  • Permanent Unique Rider Identification Number, which can be used for AIR events all over India
  • Login access to AIR Web Tool, view Rider history and Homologation information
  • Country-wide calendar of brevets to choose from
  • Access to all-India BRM information
  • Easy registration for an unlimited number of brevets
  • Email alerts on brevet updates
  • Eligibility to AIR Awards
  • Downloadable handbook, newsletter andany other AIR publications
  • Only members can purchase commemorative medals and other awards from the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) upon completion of a brevet.
  • Only members are eligible for prestigious yearly randonneuring awards from AIR and ACP.
  • AIR members’ yearly results are tabulated and posted on the AIR website, which can be useful for showing qualifying ride completion for those who intend to register for international 1200-km events such as Paris-Brest-Paris.
  • AIR riding apparel, reflective items or any other AIR merchandise would be available only to our members.
  • Entry to AIR Domestic Events is open only to AIR members.

One Time Ridership (OTR) - Membership Fee: Rs. 250/-


  • This allows you to ride only this one brevet.
  • Your membership with AIR ends at the close time of the Brevet, or earlier in the case of a disqualification from the ride or cancelation of membership due to non-compliance of rules.
  • Data of One-Time Ridership is not maintained, and they are not eligible for any of the benefits of AIR Members.


Before continuing, please take a minute to understand why it is far more beneficial to take the Permanent Annual Membership to Audax India Randonneurs.

While amateur cyclists can ride and enjoy randonneuring brevets regardless of their club affiliation, there are many good reasons to join Audax India Randonneurs (AIR).

Joining Audax India Randonneurs is good for Randonneuring in India, as AIR is vital to promoting the sport in the country. The organisation works behind the scenes to help the event organisers, help develop routes and organise events, etc. Most importantly, joining AIR demonstrates that you are one among the serious cyclists who are building a future for randonneuring in India.

Please read the Benefits of Annual Membership before you decide.